Forex Market Structure

Forex Market Structure and Players – Where Do You Fit In?

Who are the Forex Market Players?

Forex Market Players

The forex market is a decentralized market, but the quotes are fair due to the fierce competition.  The spreads get tighter the higher up you go in the forex market structure–and eventually, there is no spread.

Market Structure

  • Major Banks
  • Reuters Platform / EBS
  • Medium and Small Banks
  • Retail Market Makers / ECNs, Hedge Funds, Commercial Companies
  • Retail Traders (YOU are here!)


  • Interbank Market
  • Large Commercial Companies
  • Governments / Central Banks
  • Speculators (YOU are here!)

Forex Market Structure

Just be aware that it’s a dangerous arena you enter and if you are not careful, you will get slaughtered (not literally, but your bank account could).

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